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Cheers for A Small White Scar

"A thoughtful, perceptive story, beautifully told."
- School Library Journal
"An unusually fine first novel."
- American Library Association Booklist

• A Booklist Editor's Choice

• An ALA Best Book for Young Adults nominee

• A Booklist Top Ten First Novel

• A Book Link's Lasting Connections book

• The New York Public Library's Books for the Teen Age 2007


I had decided I would have a future.

Will can see his future stretch out before him. It's as clear as the plains that lead to La Junta and the first-place prize at the rodeo. He will become a man, a cowboy with a life of his own. But his twin brother, Denny, follows, bringing with him the memory of that small white scar. Ahead lies adventure; behind, responsibility. And on the road between, Will and Denny will travel together -- brothers united by blood.


I gripped the reins tighter and swung Deep away from home. My knees were weak as I pressed them against his sides. He burst into a fast lope across the top of the mesa, but Denny's words and then my father's chased us.

"Son, look after your brother. I count on you."

That always seemed to be my father's last sentence to me, as it had been at dawn the day before when he shook my hand and set out on the cattle drive. I had been dragging those same words around like a leg trap...

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